The Best Stand-Up Pedal Board – Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review

If you are a water sports lover like me, you are always looking for a reason to escape the gym and head out to the water for a workout.

And every once in a while there is a piece of equipment that takes time spent on the water to another level.

What if I told you that the Hobie Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedal board is that type of equipment?

You must be wondering: what can it do?

Here is the thing:

This stand-up pedal board guarantees users three awesome things; a fun and relaxed way to enjoy the water, versatility in all types of water bodies and faster speeds so you feel like you are walking on water.

Here I want to highlight what makes the Hobie Mirage Eclipse so special in terms of features, design and construction plus I will also give you tips on the fun SUP activities you can use this pedal board for.

My Checklist for Five Important Things that will make you Love the Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand-up Pedal Board.

This board eliminates issues like poor stability and posture and too much time spent learning how to maneuver on the water.

It is the perfect fit for paddle boarders who want to move faster in the water and who want a portable board that they can use in different settings.

However, if you prefer a paddle board where you do not put your legs to work you should probably steer clear of this because you will tend to spend lots of hours working your legs with the pedal mechanism.

Bottom line: if you are still on the fence about whether this is the board for you here are five things that will convince you that it is a great buy.

Easy to master propulsion system

Anyone can hop on this board and be off in a matter of minutes. It uses pedals to engage the drive system, getting it moving at the speed you like.

Excellent easy press steering controls

A simple press of the handlebars on either the left or right of the steering control system will have the board gliding to the right or the left.

This allows you to concentrate more on speed or upcoming shallow points than on constantly maneuvering the board like you would have to do with a paddle.

Impeccable safety considerations

Speaking of shallow points, this board uses a rudder with an automatic folding system to keep users safe when they are approaching shorelines or shallow water.

The rudder ensures you never have to worry about scraping your board, breaking it or injuring yourself by toppling forward because your board suddenly hit a sandy patch.

Plenty of storage features

Using bungees and tie downs you can basically carry anything on the Hobie Mirage including fishing rods, coolers and even crates.

It also comes fitted with accessories like a cup holder as well as a spot for your phone for added functionality.

Highly portable and versatile

It is easy to carry this board with you to your favorite lake hangout or out to the seaside. All you have to do is remove the handlebars, lock the rudder system down and load it onto your car.

You can also convert it into a traditional stand-up paddle board using a paddle in place of the propulsion system. This versatility ends up giving you the best of both worlds.

Can the Hobie Mirage Eclipse Exceed Your Expectations

The Mirage Eclipse is in a class of its own since there is no other SUP board with pedals.

This pedal board provides you with an excellent workout for your legs much like the stair master work out in the gym (except you can go on for hours on end in the water with this board). If you decide to use it as a traditional paddle board, your arms will also get a great workout.

So the answer is yes!

It is meant for the summer time and gives you a great excuse to escape the daily routine of the track or gym and head out onto the water.

Now, if you are just out for some fun and an easy day on the water you must avoid spending too much time peddling or paddling. It is a great inspiration for teenagers to finally step away from their video games and enjoy a splendid time on the water. It really is a win-win situation whether you are exercising out just hanging out


  • Can be used for both exercise and recreation
  • It slices through water with excellent speeds
  • It is easy to maneuver


  • To really enjoy its full potential you have to be relatively fit
  • It will only take one person at a time
  • It is only made to be a stand-up board

3 Best Fun Activities You can Enjoy with your Stand-Up Paddle Board all year round

Touring with your paddle board

To enjoy your personal space and spend some serene time with nature sign up for stand up paddling tours. The tours can be solo or with other like-minded people.

Of course, you need to invest in a touring board because the specs and build allow you to move fast and offer more stability.

The deck plugs on these types of paddle boards also allow paddlers to carry more gear.

Paddle board Yoga

You can make things interesting by practicing water yoga on your stand-up paddle board. With more yoga and pilates instructors taking their workout to the water, stand-up paddle boards have taken on a different function altogether.

This is actually a good way to switch up your workout. The fun part is the balancing and getting the poses right. Want to know the best part? You can’t cheat in the poses with stand-up paddle board yoga!

Fishing using your paddle board

The fishing stand-up paddle board has remained true to the paddle board concept all while allowing users to enjoy a favorite pastime.

These boards have overtaken kayaks in popularity because you can replicate the feeling of standing on the shore and casting your line right in the middle of the lake or ocean.

Stand-up paddle boards for fishing are usually comfortable, with excellent non-slip padding and extra storage options like D-rings and bungee straps for your fishing gear and cooler.

Essential Features that Make the Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedal Board Special

Although it comes in two sizes (10’6″ and 12′) the features are standard on both boards. The difference, however, can be felt in the tracking ability and of course the weight.

Here are the features to expect

ACX materials

The Advanced composite epoxy makes the board extremely durable. It is quite tough and takes knocks quite well.

The material is sturdy as it is lightweight which allows the board to really move when you get peddling or paddling.

Caring for it is quite easy. You just need to rinse it with fresh water every time you come from the ocean and spray it with silicone once a month.

Touring paddle board design

The hull of the board features the design incorporated in touring paddle boards. It has a pointy front tip which is geared towards slicing through the water for high speeds.

The relative expansive width of the board gives it great stability for maneuverability, unlike other paddle boards. For additional stability, the bottom is flattened and the tail is more square.

The pedal drive

The Hobie Mirage uses the Hobie patented Miragedrive technology. This technology capitalizes on users of the board putting their largest muscle group (leg muscles) to work to drive the propeller below.

The pedals seem awkward at first but once you get on them, the glide technology which reduces friction effectively eliminates resistance and makes them a breeze to use and get used to.

The best part: the mirage drive is actually removable and can be cleaned.

Eva deck pads

The one danger water sports enthusiasts face every time they are out on the water is slippery decks that can easily become a safety hazard.

Not with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse!

The board features Eva deck pads with excellent grip on both the deck and the pedals to prevent slipping accidents. This padding is comfortable enough so you can actually spend countless hours on your board either paddling or peddling without losing traction.


The handlebars used in steering the board are made from aluminum alloy. They don’t only make steering the board easy, seeing as the braking and turning options are strategically placed on the bars, they also provide stability and better balance on the water.

I know what you are thinking! You have to have a vice-like grip or hang on to the handlebars! Hardly! The controls are very intuitive and just a squeeze will get you moving in the direction you want.

These handlebars can be adjusted to your height and the adjustability ranges from 36 to 43 inches which covers all possible heights of users.

Detachable kick-up rudder

This rudder provides the board with more capabilities than other paddling boards have.

It can be used as a tracking skeg when maneuvering through twisty bendy waterways and it also helps in keeping you on track during long straight courses.

The steering system actually controls the rudder on the board giving it better tracking because the rudder and the handlebars are connected. If you were paddling it would be much harder to achieve that kind of tracking. It also automatically folds up as you approach land keeping your board and yourself safe.

What are Customers online saying about the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

I went online to find out what users are saying about the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

A reviewer on reddit who recently purchased the Hobie Mirage and took his first sail had this to say:

The positive reviews continue on Amazon. This user loved the ease of use and pure fun the Hobie Mirage turned out to be.

Like this Hobie Mirage owner says, the work out you will get from this paddle board is exceptional.

My Top Recommended Alternatives For a Similar Stand Up Paddling Experience

It is really hard to beat the experience from the Hobie Mirage Eclipse because it is the world’s first, and so far, only stand-up pedal board.

Additionally, no standard paddle board can match up to the Hobie Mirage Eclipse because of its obvious unfair advantage: the pedal propulsion system.

But here is the kicker: Alternatives do exist that can get you a similar high and I will walk you through three of them.

Alternative 1

Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14

First off this is a kayak but it performs like a paddling board that has a seat. The deck has a functional casting zone in the middle of the boat where you can stand to cast your line into the water during a fishing expedition. It also has a live well built into the center of the kayak allowing you to have fresh bait. This bait tank takes the hassle of carrying a bait container.

With the length of 14 feet 4 inches, it can really move on the water and has exceptional maneuverability. It is very stable and has excellent tracking. Everything you need has been functionally placed within your reach from fishing rod holders to storage points.

Kayak owners know the pain draining water from the inside the kayak can be. This kayak has self-draining trenches throughout the boat to drain the water into a reservoir that finally lets the water completely out. I love its versatility as a kayak and almost a paddle board.

Comparison to the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

  • Does not have the propulsion system but still has a great speed tracking because of its length.
  • It can work just as well on various bodies of water; oceans, lakes and twisty waterways.
  • It has great organization and functionality which is better than the Hobie Mirage.
  • If you are serious about fishing, this is the alternative to have so you can fish anywhere, anytime! Check it out and change how you fish.

Alternative 2

Pau Hana Endurance

This board features the characteristic sleek nose of high-performance boards that has become synonymous with quality well thought-out boards in the industry. It is an excellent choice for versatility since it can be used for racing, recreation and touring.

It comes fitted with the indestructible Pau Hana ricochet technology so you know it will stay with you for a long time. The Eva Deck Pads make it comfortable for you to stand on the board for long. It also has incredible speeds thanks to the shape which was borrowed from the company’s line of racing boards.

Comparison to the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

  • It has both aspects of an all around and specialty board just like the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.
  • It is virtually indestructible owing to the added layers of PVC and the hull protection which is a notch higher than the Hobie Mirage.
  • It has excellent stability and tracks beautifully even in choppy water with a performance on the same level as the Hobie Mirage.
  • If you love racing out on the open water this is worth checking out here!

Alternative 3

Boardworks TECV Great Bear Stand Up Paddle board

This board has speed and agility; a great combination on any stand-up paddle board. It is a great option for season paddlers because it can really glide on the water. Its tracking abilities are stellar and it can turn pretty fast, giving it wonderful maneuverability.

You can use it in choppy or calm waters with similar results in terms of the glide, speed and control. It also has plenty of storage options with bungee cords on both the front and rear of the board.

Comparison to the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

  • It is great for long distance racing and touring like the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.
  • It also works well on all water variations.
  • It is more stable in rough water because of the extra width on the tail compared to the Hobie Mirage when it does not have the propulsion system.
  • You can check it out here as you consider your next touring escapade!


The best part of enjoying water sports is having the ability to go as fast as you would like to and having complete control over your paddle board. Otherwise, you end up with a lackluster experience that takes the joy out of your time on the water. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse gives you complete mastery over the water allowing you to move at the speed you want when you are touring all the while keeping everything stable and maneuverable. Click below to check out the Hobie Mirage Eclipse!

Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson

Luke grew up in Orlando and has been wakeboarding since he could walk. His father was a pro surfer and his new passion is wakesurfing. He's been reviewing and testing water sport equipment for many years now.