Netflix is awesome:

Watch what you want, when you want.

So what’s the Netflix equivalent of wakesurfing?

Wakesurf Shapers: Ride the perfect wave on demand.

No more messing around with ballast or wasting time with average waves.

You want the perfect wake on demand, and guess what, it’s totally achievable.

With a wakesurf creator, you can pretty much dial up the sickest wave every time.

Here I want to cover 3 of the best wakesurf shapers on the market, and give you some insider information on which one I’ve been seeing the best results with.

Top 3 Wakesurf Shapers Available Right Now

1.MISSION Boat Gear DELTA Wakesurf Shaper
2.SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0
3.Wakesurf Edge Wakesurf Shaper (Not Available)

The Easiest Method to Create a Consistent Wakesurf Wave On Any Boat

Here we're discussing what are sometimes referred to as "aftermarket" devices.

A wakesurf shaper is something you buy separately from your boat. It's an external setup so to speak.

These are really becoming much more popular these days for various reasons. You can save time and enjoy much better waves.

  • Consistently create your best wave
  • No more moving passengers around the boat
  • Don't waste time configuring your ballast
  • Drive your boat with an even weight distribution
  • Don't spend thousands upgrading your boat

There's always a group that still believes you will get the best waves with a traditional ballast setup and configuration. These don't eliminate the need or benefit of optimizing your ballast, however for most boats they offer a huge improvement at such a low cost.

These wakesurf shapers make it so much more fun and convenient when compared some traditional methods of weight distribution. Plus they honestly work so darn well.

No More Goofy Riders Left Behind

In general, most boats produce a better wave for regular footed riders. This has to do with the configuration of the propellor.

But this issue is pretty much eliminated with the use of these devices.

For regular riders, who ride with their left foot forward, the shaper goes on the right side of the boat (starboard).

For those who ride with their right foot forward (goofy), you will put the device on the port side, which will allow you to surf the starboard side.

With this setup, no rider has a disadvantage.

Do Wakesurf Shapers Actually Work?

These are the typical questions:

Do these devices actually create a good wave, and will they work on my particular boat?

The answer is yes, and probably.

The advantage is that these shapers significantly lengthen the wave and clean it up.

The only legitimate complaint you might hear is that the shapers come off sometimes. Most float and/or come with a safety rope attachment.

Now normally this happens when you're riding with beginners and you are constantly circling back for your rider. This is when the waves may pop off the shaper.

But this is not a universal problem by any means. It might happen more often on certain boats, or with certain shapers.

Apart from this very minor issue, which is quite rare, there are really no other concerns.

So what boats do these work on?

These will attach to pretty much any inboard motor boat that you use for water sports. I think there are a few rare cases where the ideal placement on the hull isn't achievable due to the hull's design. But for the majority of boats there are no issues.

Waves are determined by the hull design, ballast setup, and boat speed. So if you throw one of these on a jet boat, you're probably not going to see the greatest results.

The ideal speed for wakesurfing is around 11.5 miles per hour and at this speed no matter what ballast configuration you have, a wakesurf shaper will almost always help.

These devices don't necessarily eliminate the need for some ballast configuration, but many people have reported that they no longer need to weigh down the boat with the entire family just to create a wakesurfing wave.

Also, more ballast is sometimes not an option. This is when these devices are super handy because you can weight the boat symmetrically.

Having a symmetrically weighted boat has advantages:

It's safer for everyone, drives easier, and if you do have the option for more ballast, you can use it more effectively.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wakesurf Shaper So You Don't Buy the Wrong One

  • Easy removal and setup configuration
  • Different sizes which can offer better results
  • New design improvements
  • Customer reviews and feedback

The 3 Best Wakesurf Shapers On the Market Right Now

Below are 3 of the top options for creating a bigger and better wake.

As these products become more popular, we will update our list accordingly. At the time of writing this, these are your best options.

All options below state that the product does float, however you will find conflicting information from various users. Always test in shallow water, and attach a rope / leash if you want.

MISSION Boat Gear DELTA Wakesurf Shaper

MISSION uses suction cups rather than velcro.

There's some misinformation about whether suction cups are better than other methods like velcro.

Industry insiders will tell you performance wise there's no difference, however I personally have found that suction cups are a bit more reliable.

This is probably the option that will fit on the most boats, when compared to the others, but keep in mind the best place may be where you have a graphic on your hull. So you might have to remove those stickers.


  • Very easy to attach with suction cups
  • Can fit on almost all boats
  • Can make a huge difference in cleaning up a wave


  • Might have graphics in the ideal placement

SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0

SWELL offers another shaper which uses the suction design.

It's very easy to install and switch from side to side. It's made out of high quality material and the unit will fit on most boats.

SWELL claims you can double your wakesurf wave and depending on your current setup that actually might be true.


  • Made with high quality material
  • Will fit on most boats
  • Uses suction cups for easy attachment


  • Hard to find as many verified reviewers

Wakesurf Edge Wakesurf Shaper

Wakesurf Edge has recently released a Pro version which has a lot of improvements.

The build quality is very high, and there are a lot of great customer reviews out there.

Wakesurf Edge also offers a 1 year warranty on their product.


  • Attaches with suction cups
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Has a large surface when compared to other options


  • Make sure you get the new model

My Top Recommendation for Creating Waves On Demand So You Can Spend More Time Surfing and Having Fun

Here's the truth:

I think you'll be happy with all of these options.

But I know I promised I would give an actual recommendation, so here goes:

With the popularity of these products, you might find that even more retailers pop up and offer some type of solution.

Often times this is when you will run into cheaper manufacturers. I don't think this has happened yet, however this is a big reason why I recommend sticking with more reputable brands when purchasing boating equipment.

For this reason, we still highly recommend the: MISSION Delta Wakesurf Shaper.

It covers all the requirements, and many of the leading water sport retailers recommend it, and it has received a ton of verified customer reviews.

It's the best aftermarket solution to creating a bigger and better wake.

You can switch sides in a matter of minutes, and keep your ballast evenly distributed.

Depending on your current setup in terms of boat and ballast, you will more than likely see some amazing results.

Bang for buck, you just can't beat it.

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Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson

Luke grew up in Orlando and has been wakeboarding since he could walk. His father was a pro surfer and his new passion is wakesurfing. He's been reviewing and testing water sport equipment for many years now.